Special Pricing from VIDEO's to DVD Master:
     24 -72 Hour Fast Service Provided in our Studio
   Producing & Serving Corporate & Consumers for Over over 49 Years

  Std. VHS NTSC (US Recorded Tapes ) including VHS-C / Video 8  / Video Hi 8 / Digital                              Video 8 / Std. Mini DV. Price is base on Run Times

   Please Note: No Copyright Programs or content that has any sexual or erotic image scenes

          Video Transfers to DVD Master  Pricing  Base on your US  or  PAL Formats

                                      Please Call  973-575-1118 
     If Your in NJ Please Visit our Studio & Bring Your Tapes We can Provide Pricing

        Optional: We can EDIT all the Video Segments to Produce Sports Highlight Video's
    We can Produce a Family Memories Video Combining Scenes from your Video's
   plus adding our Voice-over & Music & Photos all playable on your DVD Player or PC.

               We check all DVD's prior to Shipping back to Clients on Std. 
               DVD Players & PC's

          We Accept Credit Cards : MC, Visa & Amex Please call us for more Info.
    Shipping is provided through FedEX Ground Client Pays for Shipping upon Quote
                    Also Drop off or Local Pickup is available at our Facilities 

           Note: We can also output digital picture files from your Video Tapes
                                    call  us for more Info ) 973-575-1118                       

  Ask about 24-72 Hr. & SAME DAY SERVICES
         Beta Sp to DVD's & Digital Archiving 
email me
Tel: 973-575-1118
We Process all Video Transfers & Duplication in Our Studios at 330 Rte. 46E Fairfield NJ
We Provide Prompt Video Recording / Editing & Duplication in many Media  Formats Plus Creating  Files for Websites for Major Corporate Companies

 E-mail: jack@colorleasing.com
We call you after your job is processed....  We can show you a fast preview upon 
pickup of your DVD..... No One Co.  Provides This Customer Service to Assure Quality is delivered to meet Customer Expectations. 
Come down with your tapes & you will be personally greeted by our Friendly Staff