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Used Video Equipment
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Video Tripods w/ dolly

Audio Mixers  12 - 14 - 16  Ch

Betacam  Sp  Camera  System

Wireless Sony Microphone         

Shotgun Mics.       

Ampex 1" Type C Broadcast Machine

Crown 800 Reel to Reel Machine

Draper 6 x 8 Fast Fold Screen

Studio Lighting 3200 K  Many

Audio Amps w/ EQ in ATA Case

Camera Animation Table w/ lights

Speaker Systems

Ampex Ace Edit Controller use for
 2 Betacam Decks & 1" Decks.

19" Racks & Larger Racks 60" H

Large & Small Monitors

Video / Audio DA's

Evertiz TC Gen / Reader

Video Phase Meter

Color Bar& Signal Generators


Tektronix Dual Trace Test Scope

16 mm Film Cameras  Frez/ Canon /

Telemation Film Island 3 Input with 
auto flip mirrors for arial Image recording. + 16 mm Jan Optical & mag. Also ND System.

NLE  Edit System PC has a Pro. Velocity 3 D w/ 200 Instant  Effect &
Software + Training to get you Started, w/ 24" LCD Monitor

NLE Edit  Mac  G5 System with 24 "
LCD Monitor  w/  Editing Software +
more Software Programs.

Complete  Kliegl Bros. Master Theatre Switchboard  Controls 24 lighting Instruments. We also include
the 1 1/2 grid pipes that can cover
a 24 x 22  Ft area, All pipe clamps &
Pipe Mounting Flanges make ready for fast installation.
We have several 3200K lighting with
grid  pipe clamps that are currently used w/ this system.

Vintage Telebeam Type B/W Projector 15 x 20 Ft Video Images.

Compact  Portable LCD Video Projector w/ Sound ideal for easy Travel & Setup.

Animation Creator on Disk has Color Bar System Real Time Experimentation standalone no Computer needed.

DVD-CD 7 Burner Tower for  Fast Duplications.

Standalone CD 1 x burner no Computer 

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